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My name is esperance garange, married,

We are a wonderfull family of 5 members;

My wife benita and  me  we have  3 daughters Bethania, juny Bertha and Carla stacy.

As president of fed. And animator of the  Program " sante familiale " i want to wish .You a cordial welcome and invite you to continue this travel with us on the 

Radiotv Lael 

Santé Familiale

In the Bible, we find tips for parents, children, husbands and wives to help us in our relationships within the family.

The person who respects the Lord is safe because he protects his children. (Proverbs 14.26)


And when people in a family fight with each other, that family can not continue to exist. (Mark 3.25)

If someone does not take care of his family, especially his closest relatives, he has rejected the faith, he is worse than an unbeliever. (First letter to Timothy 5.8)

Obey one another out of respect for Christ (Letter to Ephesians 5.21)


This is why the man will leave his father and his mother to live with his wife. And the two will become like one person. (Genesis 2.24)

The man must do his duty as a husband to his wife, and the wife must do her duty as a wife to her husband. The woman can not do what she wants with her body: her body is her husband. The husband can not do what he wants with his body: his body is his wife. (First letter to Corinthians 7.3-4)


But yes, children are a treasure,
the reward given by the Lord.
(Psalm 127.3)

Give a child good habits in his early years. He will keep them even in his old age. (Proverbs 22.6)

"Respect your father and your mother. So you will live long in the land that I, the Lord, give you. (Exodus 20.12)

The Almighty Lord says again:
"I will be for you a father,
and you will be for me sons and daughters. "
(Second letter to Corinthians 6.18)